Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five for Friday!

happy friday!
as you go through this day, i encourage you to think about what rocked this week or what you are thankful for! :) here's my high five for friday for this week... {sponsored and inspired by From My Grey Desk}

our friend david and daisy the dog stayed with us this week. having an animal friend around totally brightened up our week. :) 

{isn't she soo cute?}

 i scored these great olive green boots for 10 dollars!! they have fur lining the whole inside and you can wear them two ways to wear them: rolled down or up! ahh!! thanks, wet seal.

 I was on TV! Here is the video of my segment!! :) (I realized I laugh a lot...)

My INPINK Gift Card that I won from Selective Potential came in the mail today! Trying to decide what awesome piece of jewlery I'm gonna get. Decisions, decisions!


or maybe

 I was so inspired by this blog I found this week.  She totally changed my perspective on lots of situations in my life right now. If you want to be inspired and encouraged check out Ashley's blog. She is a selfless, beautiful, strong, amazing mom and wife fighting cancer and encouraging others to:

have a great weekend, everyone! 


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  1. I love fridays!!! Can you please get a dog like that?? adorable!


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