Thursday, January 19, 2012

miracle of seven eleven.

That picture is pretty shocking isn't it? Every few weeks my mind is brought back to that day. 

July 11th, 2011. 

The day that my husband, myself, aunt, uncle and two cousins were IN that red car in the picture above that spun and flipped after being hit by another driver going approximately 45 miles an hour.  

Only a few of the people in our car were wearing seat belts. 

Everyone except my uncle was able to crawl out. The car was pinned on top of him as he was hanging from his seat belt. 

However, that very night, after a long day in the ER and only a few stitches, ALL of us sat in our living room. Able to hug one another. And smile. And talk. And eat. And breathe! (My uncle walked out of the ER with a few stitches in his head!) 

There are so many more details to the story. Too much to write in one, short blog post. (Here is a link to the news article about the accident).

However, one of the most memorable moments from that day was when my precious cousin, as we were WALKING AWAY from the scene to go to our house (2 blocks away) and her dad was STILL TRAPPED under the car, said, "You know, Erica.  This kinda reminds me of that story I told you earlier about those Amish families."

"Oh yeah, why?" I asked, (as I looked down and realized my other cousin was walking barefoot because she had lost her sandals when we flipped), and I grabbed their hands tighter.   

"Well those families forgave that man (she was referring to the horrible Amish school shooting that she had just learned about in school).  We have to forgive this guy too for doing this to my dad." 

Tears started streaming. 

As we walked away from a rollover accident. 
As we left her mom sobbing on the pavement watching her husband trapped in the car. 
She suggested we forgive the person who drove the car who hit us. She didn't know if her dad was paralyzed. If he was breathing. If he was going to survive. But she said we needed to forgive.


The days following the accident were rough to say the least. The injuries J and I had made it painful to walk or move a few steps. I remember not being able to dry my hair, put on a shirt, or take a normal shower. It was so hard to watch J crying in agony trying to get out of the bed into the bathroom.

But our bodies, as amazing as they are, eventually healed. And we continue to live our lives. Day after day. But every single, 'ordinary day' is not taken for granted after 7/11/11. 

"You are always on your way to a miracle. The miracle is YOU." -Sark

I believe miracles appear in many forms.  However, since July 11th, 2011, I have the tendency to view my ordinary, everyday life as a miracle.  

I am inspired today to remind us all that we are a miracle. The fact that we woke up this morning. That we made it home safely. That we were able to move, breathe, talk, smile, laugh, eat, and go about our routine is a miracle in itself.  How many car accidents did you not get into today? :) 

He will cover you with his feathers, 
and under His wings you will find refuge;
His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. 
You will not fear the terror of night, 
nor the arrow that flies by day, 
For he will command his angels concerning you 
to guard you in all your ways.
-excerpts from Psalm 91 

Celebrating the miracle of US



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