Friday, January 20, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Today I am linking up with Lauren's blog, From My Grey Desk. She writes:  

"High Five for Friday is a weekly post about my five favorite things from the past week. it's meant to help me slow down and remember the things that i've enjoyed/i'm thankful for."

Here it goes! :)  

5. my PIYO classes on tuesdays. (a mixture between pilates and yoga. i leave relaxed and then wake up sore the next morning. the perfect combo of a great work out and stress reliever). 

4. my new shoes from Bakers. comfy. cute. go with anything.

3. my job.  i get to have a blast with middle schoolers every week. to remind them they are loved and they have a purpose. we have a LOT of fun. 

{me at my desk}

2. my cute little garage. especially during weeks in Michigan when it is in the single digits and  it looks like a snowglobe outside. (and that my sweet hubby lets me park in our one stall...)  

1. my readers, followers and online friends! i am so thankful for every comment and few minutes you all take out of your week to visit style of a songbird.



{See yesterday's post for the story of a miracle!}


  1. Just found your blog... what grade do you teach? And I don't know if I could handle that type of cold... we got about 6 inches of snow here and school has been cancelled all week!

  2. Hi Katie!! THANK YOU so much for the comment. I am checking out your blog too! :) I am a youth pastor that works with 6th-8th graders. Such an awesome age level. haha...we only cancel things when we literally CANNOT drive down the roads...Michigan is crazy!


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