Monday, January 23, 2012

fabulous finds.

so i entered this contest last week...

and i WON

it was called the Fabulous Finds Contest through Goodwill and a local TV station.  to enter you had to send in a video of "haul" items you are especially proud of  that you purchased at Goodwill. here's my video...{i refer to 'jeans' five or so times...haha...i must have had denim on my mind}. 

i will be INTERVIEWED ON TV on wednesday.  it will air at 11:00 am on Wood TV 8 (for any of you in West Michigan). and i will post the interview on my blog when i get a copy!

gotta love a good deal! ;) 



  1. YAY! Congrats! I would totally watch but I'm in Mid-East MI :( BUT YAY! anyway!!

  2. Trish- I am posting the clip from my interview in tomorrow's post :) Woo hoo!!


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