Saturday, August 25, 2012

what's in your bag?

i've seen lots of bloggers share the treasures they carry with them, and i was inspired by bekah to share my version of "what's in your bag?"{and like many others have shared, i took out all the recipets, gum wrappers & extraneous crumbs before snapping this photo. my purse is never this clean.}

purse, target // i think this was $7 on sale. it's accompanied me on many road trips.
wallet, fossil // on super sale at macy's a few years ago. one of the only items i own that's real leather.
planner, target // i'm still a pen + paper girl. just can't shake it...
mini notebook, target // picked up this adorable notebook for $1.99 to jot down inspiration on the go!
elf blotting sheets, here // my face tends to be oily. these work wonders.
various lipsticks // because you never know what mood you'll be in.
c.o. bigelow mentha lip shine, bath and body works // favorite. hands down. never leave without it.
altoids & gum // self explanatory.
headwrap, the bridge // when my bangs need to know who's boss.
headphones // always come in handy. and these are so easy to lose!
keys // and little plastic membership thingys. {i need to take some of my michigan ones}
iphone // and my adorable case i found at marshall's for five bucks!
ibuprofen // for the occasional headache.
chocolate chip, brownie & oat bar, trader joes // hey, it's healthier than a candy bar, right?!
waterbottle, target // if you know me, you know i carry a water bottle with me 24/7.
pens & pencils // because sometimes things really need to be "penciled" in.
hand sanitizer // i'm a germ freak.

i think these posts are so fun! feel free to do your own {or share a pic on instagram!}



  1. Cute print on that notebook!

    I hope you can join my Twitter link up:


  2. You have some great stuff in that bag :) I always have a little notebook too for those moments of inspiration. And I love your snakeskin purse - what a deal!


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