Sunday, August 19, 2012

it's back.

the best thing happened to me last week...

i got my creativity back. 

my life has been so filled with details and have-to's, that time to create always fell to the bottom of the list, and eventually didn't even make the list anymore. 

but last week i broke out the paint. opened up a new {thrifted} book and started to get messy again. 

and i can't tell you how great it feels!

i also feel like i really found my niche in altered books. i love the possibilities of a blank canvas, but 
i find it much less daunting to start with a page full of already written words. in fact, i'm having a blast incorporating some of the "secret messages" i find into my creative process.

so many times our creativity is blocked by the idea that we don't have what it takes or won't measure up. my friend julie shared this and it so resonates with me:

Viewers have looked at my work, and expressed how they would so love to be able to create work from their spirit...intimate pieces that speak of their deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, questions...
It is my belief that every single person has the ability, and the need, to create from such a place. It does not require any special talent, nor education, nor even the 'correct' tools or supplies. We are all gifted in infinite ways to express ourselves creatively. It is simply a matter of letting go of any fear, or expectations....and having the courage to look within....and the boldness to express whatever you find whatever way you are called.....and to be confident about who you are....your thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and desires are all valid....and valuable....and worth expressing.....the world needs more authenticity....the world needs all of you.....♥

creativity, it's so nice to have you back.

i'm saying yes to...sticking with it. getting it down. and letting it out. 


for those of you who are interested in starting the creative adventure of art journaling & altered books, i'm going to post later in the week sharing the basics and some resources i've found to be super helpful!



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