Thursday, August 2, 2012

four years.


August 2, 2008 was the first day of the rest of my life. the day that i become a Simpson and married my the love of my life, my babe, my hot husband, jeremy. so much has happened in our four years of marriage: four different homes, a handful of jobs, two degrees, tons of trips, and so many memories.

since we are celebrating four years of marriage, i thought i would share four things i love and appreciate about my boo. 

four // his integrity. 
i have seen jeremy in some high stress situations. regardless of what he faces, he is faithful, dependable and honest. jeremy can be trusted. he leads with courage and conviction.  

three // his sensitive and compassionate heart.
jeremy is one of the most generous people i've ever known. he loves with his whole heart, isn't afraid to cry and would give anyone the shirt off his back. one of the most practical ways i see this embodied in jeremy is that he is a kid and pet magnet. babies adore him! and dogs always want to sit by my j. :) 

two // his sense of humor.
jeremy is the life of any party. he makes life fun everyday. and he often laughs until he cries.

one // his creativity.
jeremy is an amazing musician, singer and songwriter. he could have his own show on HGTV {seriously}. i love being married to an artistic man!

thank you for loving me, providing for me, encouraging and believing in me, spoling, and challenging me. 

i love you, jeremy!




  1. Thanks babe! Had no idea you were doing this

  2. Wish you many many more happy and healthy years together!! (My 6 year anniversary is in time flies!)

  3. So sweet, almost brought a tear to eye. Congrats! :))


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