Tuesday, August 7, 2012

kindness changes things.

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i love when a common theme shows up in my life & other blog posts i read. this week, it happens to be about the kindness of strangers. ashley shares her story here and jessica retells a moment that lifted her spirits here

my "moment" happened in the food court of a mall.

as i was throwing away my greasy leftovers, a beautiful woman came up to me and said, "i just love your short hair! and how you are wearing that headband. they just don't look right on me. i cut all my hair off recently and am still trying to figure out how to style it." 

"it's funny," i said, "i was totally admiring yours from across the room too. your bangs are perfect."

her eyes lit up! "i cut them myself!" she exclaimed. 

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a simple compliment sparked a confidence in both of us. i really believe there is a sisterhood of those with short hair. you can sometimes feel lonely in a room full of women with long, flowing locks. it may seem like such a short exchange between us, but it was like instantly, my spirit was lifted. we both recognized beauty in each other and all it took was the boldness to speak it out.

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a compliment costs us nothing but a few breaths. but three words: "you are beautiful" can mean more than you could imagine.  a simple, seemingly inconsequential compliment can alter the course of someone's day, week or even life. and in some cases, when we least expect it, it can mean the most. like jessica's late night walk.

so today, i'm challenging you (& me) to recognize {inner and outer} beauty and speak it {type it} out. it could make all the difference in the world.


so to the lady in the mall who chopped your hair off and cut your own bangs, thanks for being bold enough to say hello in the food court. it wasn't just your hair that's beautiful, but your heart.


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  1. what a great story from the mall! It is always so nice to give & receive compliments from strangers! thanks for the challenge :) it's good for me to hear!

    <3 Amy

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