Sunday, August 26, 2012

the power of our story.

imagine that your profession, your life, your joy and passion are wrapped up in your voice. imagine that you are a speaker, teacher, preacher and singer.  

then, in a matter of seconds, your voice, the tool which you use everyday is taken away. and now, twenty years later, you communicate in whispers

this is the story of a mighty, humble, eloquent man named bob sorge. we had the privilege of hearing bob speak this weekend at our church. jeremy and i have been impacted by his {numerous} books, but i experienced the power of his story exponentially through hearing his testimony in person.

and i might add that he continues to travel the world, sharing his story, whether he has to write down his thoughts on paper or have his whisper amplified through a mic, his story is still being heard. and through the life altering tragedy, and incredible darkness and despair, bob has emerged with power, faith and determination.

some of the nuggets of wisdom he shared:

when you tell your story, others find themselves in it and they find strength for their journey 

meekness is the opposite of pushing, a softened strength

we have to enter into the fullness of our story 

there are voices that try to dummy it down, and say, just shoot for plan b, or the lesser way, but my soul refuses to be comforted

just because the answer is delayed or He's silent, doesn't mean God said no

you are never too old for God to rewrite your story

this isn't only your next chapter, but your best chapter

you must share your story. no matter the cost. just because the answer is delayed, do not lose hope. the longer you wait, the more your faith can grow. be encouraged... {i know i am.} thank you, bob, good and faithful servant.  

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