Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a new cadence to my days.

a lot of the secret messages i've been hearing whispered to my ears and appear gently before my eyes lately are "just be yourself," "trust your heart" and like the bird proclaims "sing your own song." when i see something repeatedly, it prompts me to take notice. it seemed as a result of declaring,  "i’m blooming where i’m planted," new opportunities magically appeared before me.
part of embracing "me" in this season is found in the new role i'm playing and the rhythm and cadence of my days.

i've gone from sleeping in, hosting "play" dates, hours nestled by the fireplace at starbucks, and afternoons spent art journaling...

to early morning commutes, spreadsheets, staff meetings, and "business casual."

this translates to less time spent blogging and connecting with others online. i’m mourning the loss of the freedom of the last season, all the while embracing the possibilities and opportunities that await me here.

my arms are wide open to receive all that this next season of my life has for me. i am singing my own song, blogging when i can, about what inspires me and makes my heart beat faster.

so, bear with me, dear songbird followers. i may not be posting every other day as i was able to do in the last season of my life, but i’m here. and i’m present. i’m not forcing posts just to meet a standard set by no one.

i so appreciate your support. every comment is a treasure to me. thanks for stopping by and making my corner of the internet a home away from home for you. i pray you continue to feel welcomed & warm.

so much love,

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  1. Best of luck with all your new endeavors! I know you will do amazing things!

  2. this is beautiful. i love your creative space here! i'm so glad to have met you. thanks for linking up with imperfect, and keep singing your songs of hope!


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