Monday, October 15, 2012

my life as worship.

this is alicia. isn't she beautiful? {those eyes. wow.}

alicia writes:

Right in this moment, I believe that my life is worship. The things that I do in each sacred second can be holy and sacred. I am not so removed from all that is Divine and sweet, even as I sit in the car and read the words on a CD case, even as I stare upon the flaming trees and hear the sounds of laughter from each of my kids.
There have been moments when I’ve dismissed so much. Separating the sacred from the routine, the minuscule from the majestic. It all looks very different to me now.

i couldn't agree more. she has sparked a revolution of recognizing the sacred moments of our everyday lives. and she invites each and every one of us to join in. 

simply use the hashtag #mylifeasworship on twitter & instagram (or post on facebook) listing the glimpses of Divine beauty that surround you. 

some of my favorites: 

holding hands as we fall asleep 

taking my time 

hearing a song in a whole new way

thinking how good it feels to share with someone else

breaking in a new planner

clearing my head with a walk down an Oklahoma red dirt road

the way she wears what she feels happy and comfortable in

cleaning the space next to my bed

a hot shower in the middle of the day

{shared from @aliciat, @thelovelymessy, @rootsofshe, @stargardener, @laurawingfield instagrams & tweets}. 

you can find my documentation of #mylifeasworship on IG & twitter under @eesimpson. and follow alicia on her blog here. God is everywhere, i've found that we simply have to open our eyes to the awareness of this. <3

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  1. i love that your are collecting these!! <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this link, Erica! -Nancy Price


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