Saturday, September 29, 2012


this season of my life has been filled with "secret messages" about "blooming." it started out back in June when we moved to Connecticut. my friend said we were being transplanted by the Master Gardener.

then a beautiful woman declared that i would bloom where i'm planted. not looking back, but moving forward. not living based on the fear of what people think or what man has to say.

a lady last week said, "what happened? i left for two weeks, and you look like this. you are blossoming."

little whispers are speaking over my seed
and the true colors of my petals are springing forth. 

i am an orchid blooming; being renamed, truly seen.

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  1. Your art journal pages are so inspiring! I love to see what new things you have created, especially because you so often are mirroring some of my own thoughts and feelings. I've never been an "artist", so I've admired all those who can create beautiful images with color. Thank you for sharing all of your creations. I look forward to your posts every day!

    1. Oh my. Thank you for your kind words. I love to hear when an image or words are resonating with someone else's heart & journey. Makes sharing my pages not so scary. :)
      I truly appreciate you sharing this. Lots of love. <3


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