Thursday, October 4, 2012

bits & pieces.

my week was filled with breath taking beauty. some weeks it's a struggle to find five images or moments to include in these posts. not this week. {abundance...}

one // been so drawn to rich reds lately. {my toes matched the leaves!}
two // this moon was so captivating. light breaking through.
three // treasure hunting at low tide.
four // so many feathers have been appearing before me lately. this one was extra long!
five // the most delicious & beautiful meal. {rubamba for anyone near the new haven, connecticut area).

i am so excited to announce that now you can link up here to share your bits & pieces of beauty too! i truly believe life is art. {sometimes it just takes a reason to notice it all around us}. so i am encouraging you to look for beauty. i'm inviting you to find joy & refreshment in moments captured. 

your bits & pieces can be be a meal, a smile, a tree, a color, a cloud, an outfit. there are no limits. there are no rights or wrongs. we are just simply documenting beauty.  because i believe one day, we will look back and realize it was the "small things" that meant the most after all. 

the only "rule" is to share some images & words describing them. quite possibly you may only want to share one image for a week. but the next it could be a handful. i stick to five for consistency, but by all means, do whatever you find most meaningful & feasible. 

i can't wait to connect & see how this grows over time. 

feel free to share your link with your bits & pieces post here.
{there will be a link up every friday}. 

happy weekend! <3

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  1. Thanks for the link up! Happy Friday!

  2. Found your blog form the weigand's and I love it! You are beautiful!

  3. Erica! OhMyGoodness. I didn't even realize you had blogged about "bits and pieces" when I did my SketchbookProject journal work this morning! (I'm Nellie Grey on fb/instagram) I think we are magically connected :)

    I would really love to do an artist interview with you on my blog...and maybe do a button swap or something? (I will admit I'm really out of the loop when it comes to this stuff, though...I don't have a consistent size for buttons I add and I doubt I will ever charge for ad space, but I love linking to kindred spirit bloggers out there!) but I feel like our mutual love of art journaling is a nice connection to have. I've really been focusing more on art-related posts than ever before. If you are interested, let me know! :) My email is amykaireen at hotmail dot com. Maybe we can do some kind of project together or something.

    Are you doing the sketchbook project?

    Amy <3

    1. Amy!!!
      When I saw that you had done that 'bits and pieces' page at the exact time I had posted, I couldn't help but smile :)
      We are most certainly magically connected!

      I would be thrilled to do a "swap/guest post" with you. I'd love to share your creativity & wonderful corner of blogland with my readers too! I have been meaning to make a button for my blog...maybe this is the push I need to get that done! :) I will send you an email and we can figure out the details!!! {When i first found your blog, i kept reading and reading and's SO wonderful!}

      I'm not doing the sketchbook project but I checked out the site--SO cool!

      Yay for art journaling, blogging, kindred spirits!!!

    2. Yay! I'm so happy about this. I don't have Internet at home right now, so if it takes me a little bit to reply, that's why.Talk soon! <3 Amy

  4. Hey thank you for commenting & letting me know about your link up. I'll make sure to join in next week! I adore that photo of your toes & the leaves. That red color is gorgeous.

    1. awesome! can't wait :)
      (thanks, the reds were SO vibrant. i had to capture them!) <3 have a great week!


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