Friday, October 26, 2012

bits & pieces.

hello and welcome to the weekly link up here at style of a songbird, called bits and pieces where all are invited to share their posts that highlight the moments of warmth, light, love and beauty from our week. there are no requirements for posts that can be linked up, just those written from a grateful heart.
one // saturdays have become my favorite days. inspiration + [re] connection + calm.
two // a challenge from my tea bag: appreciate yourself & honor your soul.
three // new art journal page. "it’s not just about where your dreams will take you, but where you will take your dreams."
four // autumn awakens my love for candlelight.
five // the leaves were dancing on my way home from work.

i'd love for you to link up below and share bits of goodness and pieces of delight from your week.

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