Tuesday, September 11, 2012

fall fashion // ankle boots.

today i stepped outside and took a deep breath in and realized that the humidity was almost all gone. the crisp air was so refreshing after our muggy summer. i'm ready to welcome the cooler temps & changing fashion trends that fall brings as well. you too? this is the first part of a fall fashion series i will be featuring. i had to start off with my all time favorite fall fashion trend...boots!

i am normally a "taller the better" boot gal, but this season, i am loving the ankle boot trend!

fall fashion: ankle boots.

// urban boho with sleek fringe   // perfect everyday leather with buckles   // funky feathered wedge
// classic military suede   // sassy studded heel 

which style is your favorite?

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  1. Ooh these are so cute! I think I need to redo my entire fall/winter shoe wardrobe this year, I've been rocking the same boots for about 5 years now. Time for some ankle booties!

    1. i finally got rid of two pair of mine (that were totally ruined from the salt & snow). good luck in your search for the perfect pair!! <3

  2. I am also A big fan of boots. Added to my collection of overknee, short cowboy, rubber, and knit wedge booties I bought suede lace up booties (the style i've wanted for 3yrs) ironically from target. Go target! Yay fall fashion!

    1. OHH!!! i would love to see pics of your boots! over the knee???!!! wow! where did you get the cowboy ones? check out this DIY. i REALLLLLY wanna find the perfect pair and do that to them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sKsMuJKtuw



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