Wednesday, November 14, 2012

you're invited.

The Art Journaler is not one person.
It is not Mandy.
It is not Teresa.
It is not you.
It is not a certain style or a level of artistic accomplishment.
It is a collective us. A messy us. A sparkly us. A secret us. An entity greater than us. It is a belonging. And you? You belong. Welcome inside.

i wanted to personally invite you to consider joining The Art Journaler Community, a group that i belong to and absolutely love.

The Art Journaler Community provides you with a safe place to share your heART with a community of like-spirited artists.

choose kind people to see it {your art/creations}. people who will be gentle with you and your fragile, new discoveries  so often, we start from a place of scarcity or low self esteem, and choose a critical person to look at our work. {don't do it!} -sark

another incentive to joining The Art Journaler Community now is you could win the beautiful piece of art above created by the amazing mandy. the drawing will be november 17th!

if you have any questions or would like more information, email: or leave a comment below. 

consider yourself invited! <3

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