Thursday, November 8, 2012

bits & pieces.

welcome to the weekly link up at style of a songbird. i'm so glad you're here.
five glimpses of beauty from my week...

one // sometimes the soul speaks in splatters. {that magenta has been wooing me lately.}
two // "you are not alone, laying in the light. put out the fire in your head, and lay with me tonight." patty griffin
three // my husband texted me "playing dress up" and i came home to find this. (this is true love). 
four // he has my heart.
five // winter came to town this week.

you see, i believe life itself is art. the pages of my art journal, the settings at a table or the snow covered branches on my way home from work. they all have color and texture. they all hold beauty and wonder. 

the capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.
-julia cameron

that's the purpose of this weekly link up. {to pay attention} and take notice of the {bits and pieces} of beauty that surround us. and to document them, so we don't forget.

this is what art journaling is all about...

may we live a lifestyle that develops eyes to see and ears to hear and may we document our discoveries in a field manual so as not to forget the beauty.

i'm so happy that you've chosen to visit. i'd love for you to share your posts of {bits & pieces} below:

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