Thursday, November 22, 2012

bits & pieces.

i came to a roadblock this week. looking through my iphone, trying to scrounge up some photos to include in my weekly bits & pieces collage. i didn't find any that particularly caught my eye. nothing that "screamed" blog worthy to me. 

but then i stopped and thought...

these are the true bits & pieces of my life. 

not a life carefully constructed so as to gain followers. not an artistic-wonderland-fantasy-frolicking-life.  {although, there are those occasional 'artsy' moments}. but my ordinary, every day, life. it's full of beauty & wonder. brimming with photo opportunities...if i just take time to notice.

(then, of course, a few hours after i wrote the intro to this post, the most breath taking sunset reflecting on a lake of glass appeared before me...)

one // sparkles for the win!
two // the most perfect crescent moon.
three // yeah. that's really the sunset on the lake. unbelievable.
four // my co-worker treated me.
five // thanksgiving bonfire!

there is beauty in the {seemingly} simple things. (donuts for example. i mean those sprinkles are lovely, right?!) so i encourage you, you don't have to do a bohemian photoshoot or take the most artful picture of the three course gourmet meal you made. just continue to take snap shots of your day. recognize and capture the colors that surround you. and i'd love for your to link up your {bits & pieces} posts here:

i'm thankful for all of you. who join me here in my online home. 
i truly hope you have a wonderful weekend with those that you love. 
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  1. Erica, thank you for posting this. It's the truest thing I've heard today.

    1. amanda, thank you for that. it makes typing the "real" words less daunting. <3 xoxo

  2. i adore this sentiment. i have bookmarked to remember and refer to these words when i start to doubt myself and the beauty of my life. thanks for another lovely post.


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