Sunday, November 25, 2012

i have an account at goodwill. {plus, a video}

hope you all had a wonderful holiday! we drove 16 hours {straight} back to michigan to spend the week with our friends and family. it was a wonderful time of catching up and seeing so many people we love. (and i, of course, hit up goodwill while i was back!)

my thrifting has now gone to the next level. i now have an "account" at goodwill. yep. you heard right. goodwill has a rewards card and now i will get 25% off after i earn so many "points." (can't remember exactly how it works. but if you happen to be at your local goodwill, ask them for details!) at least it's a reasonably cheap hobby, right?!

i scored some great deals recently during a thrifting trip. hope you enjoy this video highlighting a few of them! 

happy thrifting everyone! 
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  1. I freakin LOVE burlington and target!!!

  2. Love your video and the treasures you found at Goodwill. You have inspired me to take a quick trip in the next 2 weeks. Beats the hustle and bustle of the malls.

  3. cute! i love seeing what you find. i snagged the most beautiful sweater at goodwill last week..such a score!

    Amy <3


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