Thursday, November 1, 2012

bits & pieces.

welcome to any new style of a songbird subscribers or those who are linking up for the first time for {bits & pieces}. welcome {back} to my faithful readers, followers and friends. hope this post finds you well. 

every week i share five moments {in images} from my daily life. this practice has helped me focus on the beauty and joy that surrounds me everyday. a lot of times this comes in my mailbox or through my art, but other times it can be a flower, a hug or a sunset. there are no limits to the bits & pieces of delight in our lives...we just must have the eyes to receive their beauty. 

one // happy mail! i treasure each and every element.

two // found myself inspired reading cosmo magazine waiting at the oil change place. who would have thought?!

three // sari silk sent from a dear friend, wrapped around my wrist. the colors are so vibrant! {l o v e}

four // sometimes no words are necessary. color and texture and shapes will do.

five // i know many families had vast amounts of damage to their property from hurricane sandy, however, this was the only branch that fell in our yard. pretty amazing...{i feel sort of silly for even typing that.}

as always, i'd love for you to link up your posts sharing your {bits & pieces} of beauty below.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

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  1. So glad Sandy was kind to you!! And your new bracelet is super cute, love those colors.


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