Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i accept.

as the first day of this New Year comes to a close, i am feeling full and grateful. instead of rushing to make a list of ways i failed in 2012, and could dramatically improve in these next 364 days, i am choosing to accept...

acceptance feels so much more tender than "resolution." 

acceptance is softening and grace. 

it's bravery and vulnerability.

{acceptance doesn't necessarily mean approval.} but is often vital for moving on & starting a new chapter. 

to look at my current situation: with joys and triumphs, annoyances, and fears, unknowns and disappointments, and to boldly say, i accept you. powerful

to look back at last year, the last five years, and see my choices through the lens of acceptance and not guilt or regret. powerful

to look in the mirror, at my often glaring imperfections, a few more rolls than last year, fully exposed, and to genuinely say...i accept you. powerful.  

to accept that i am not behind, or too late, or too much, or too little. powerful

acceptance is the theme for January in the creative tribe i belong to...The Art Journaler Community:

we would love to have you join us

stay tuned here for more updates on how one little word will impact the coming days for me. 

{i accept.} 

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  1. so beautiful. acceptance is such a powerful concept.

  2. Wonderful and so inspirational.

    <3 Melissa


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