Friday, January 25, 2013

bits & pieces.

happy friday! hope you've managed to stay warm this week. my blogger friend from canada said it was -30 degrees! YIKES!

here are a few of the bits & pieces of my life from the past seven days...

one // my new feather earrings (from this shop) came in the mail. i feel fully {me} and wonderfully {free} when i wear them. 

two // the most breathtaking sky on saturday. #thisisart

three // my sweet friend bought these fringe boots for me. total surprise. so grateful.

four // showered with more gifts this weekend! cowboy boots (the ones that will be boho-fied soon) and the most thoughtful gift from sweet shawnacy.

five // every tribe & nation represented at the night of worship last friday.

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have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. You are so beautiful. I love coming here and seeing your inspiring bits and pieces. XO

  2. Fashion with proper beauty looks amazing man. Love to see this stuff. Thanks for sharing it.
    Bingo Pets NZ


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