Wednesday, December 26, 2012

one word // 2013.

i've been inspired by ali, elise (and many others) to choose a guiding word for each year. 

the word for 2012 was: {peace}

i chose this word as a soft place to land during many emotion filled days, life altering decisions, & letting go--of all that was once familiar. 

peace was a faithful companion. 

i have now chosen my word for 2013...    


...welcoming the courage to create

...create-ing a new life, new traditions, new roles, new creative outlets, in fact, this blog will find itself re-created. {more to come on that...}

...accepting the challenge to continue to create. to trust the creative spirit that is mine. pushing through doubts & bravely picking up the brush and the pen. pushing through the perceived lack of fresh ideas and creating anyway.  

i ordred this locket from my sweet friend jodi's etsy shop

i wear it close to my heart, as reminder of my one, little word that will guide me through my days in 2013. 

will you join me and so many others by aliging your decisions, dreams & days with a guiding word? 
(no can always change it half way through. stick with the word as it continues to feel 'right.') 

i'd love to hear what word you choose. <3

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  1. thank you sweet lady bird, you are so dear to me!

  2. What a beautiful perspective to put on this coming year!

  3. My Word for 2013 is Peace! I'm so looking forward to it. Could you write more on how you accepted and looked for peace in 2012?

    This past year's Word was Trust. I'm in the middle of processing (and writing) about how deeply Trust needed to become a part of every aspect of my life. It's pretty incredible!

  4. My word for 2013 is gratitude. :)

  5. My word for 2013 is: Fun!

    I get so caught up in my mind and the future and analyzing that I forget that life is supposed to be enjoyable and to do things simply for the pleasure of them, rather than the utility (balance is good, but I find my scales tipping over to the "practical" side a little too much lately).


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