Friday, December 21, 2012

bits & pieces

this week has been full of a range of emotions. 

coordinating & buying & wrapping & sorting & delivering gifts for seventeen families through our miracles adopt a family program at work.  

...and walking up to one of the elementary schools and seeing a class of five and six year olds traveling together in a single file line to gym class. 

heart breaking. tears welling up. 

thoughts of the angels that no longer walk with their class to the next activity, but walk the hallways of heaven. 

and their families ache.

just a week before Christmas.

it's been a week full of a range of emotions.  

full of light. and time to create. an unexpected afternoon at "my" Starbucks. inspiration flowing. on the brink of a new year of possibilities and unfolding. 

and once again, full of {bits & pieces} of beauty...

one // these words changed me this year. 
two // my heart skipped a beat when i discovered this in a package of {love} this week. thank you, christine.
three // i feel most "me" when i'm wearing dangles & head wraps.
four // "to seek beauty in the simple things." what these friday {bits & pieces} posts are all about.
five // christmas cards in the making.

i'd love for you to share your posts of bits & pieces below...

beauty to you. and light. and so much joy.

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