Thursday, December 6, 2012

bits & pieces.

if you haven't read yesterday's post, please do.

i'm giving myself {grace} this week.

the {bits and pieces} have been scattered. and most went un-captured.

but this wild, rare, and delicate orchid (for under 10 bucks i might add) found me at the grocery store. and she had to be mine. 
she's going to remind me that beauty is always waiting around the corner.
it might seem small.
but the orchid has had great meaning for me this year.
and it was just what i needed.

i'd love for you to share one (or a few) parts of your week that were extra beautiful or life-giving.
and if not, i honor that too.

Let us remember that a moment’s pause is {enough} 
Make it work FOR you … not become work for you, Braveheart. 
It is art … it is whatever you decide it to be. 
-found here

thank you for the permission.

have a wonderful weekend everyone. mine includes a manicure + pedicure & some time in my orange chair at "my" starbucks. <3 yes, please.

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  1. Some extra beautiful moments this week... oh wow... so many! :))) I'll highlight one from today: one of my friends told me I was brave for following my heart. And I also got a message from my cousin saying she read all of my entries on my blog and she felt similarly and would like us to be closer. As someone who felt so *ALONE* only a couple of weeks ago, I really feel grace and love from other people -- now that I've been opening up my heart a bit more. :)


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